WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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HQD Cuvie Air Review

“Having vaped the HQD Cuvie Air disposable for a while now, I can say with all honesty it’s one of the best. Great draw and the flavors taste great, plus you know what you are vaping. Big win, win. And you’ll get more than 4000 puffs out of the Cuvie Air!   There are 11 outstanding flavors to choose from: • Strawberry Watermelon • Strawberry Mango • Strawberry Coconut • Sky Mint • Kiwi Lemonade • Grapey • Frozen Choco • Blueberry Lemonade • Blue Razz • Black Ice • Banana Ice   Individuals who are determined to quit smoking are faced with lots of situations that could trigger their craving to have a stick of cigarette. Now, it is...

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Disposable Vape Wholesale

HQDTechUSA.com offers some of the best prices on wholesale for disposable vapes such as the Fume Infinity, Fume Extra, Fume Ultra, HQD Cuvie, HQD Cuvie Plus, HQD Cuvie Air, HQD King. Come today and check out all of the flavors available that are sure to captivate your buds! We have Banana Ice in most devices, and the Fumes come in some really good flavors such as Strawberry Banana or even Blue Razz. The Fume Extra has the least amount of e-liquid at 1500 puffs while the Ultra has the medium amount at 2500 puffs, and the Infinity has the most at 3500 puffs. Try them today at HQDTechUSA.com in our wholesale section.  

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Fume Ultra Disposable Vapes - Highly recommended

“Very fast delivery. Cheap price for everything Fume I Bought. They had promotion Buy one, get one free! 100% genuine. Half the price of my local vape shop for the stuff I got. Very impressed.   I bought a Fume Ultra disposable vape device for the first time from HQDTechUS.com and I had no issues, product was as expected and arrived undamaged and in full working order. The Fume Ultra Blue Razz flavor really is something quite special, and you can tell these are natural e-liquids, and a lot of thought has gone into their preparation. I have been vaping Fume Ultra disposables for a few weeks now, and I have no hesitation in recommending them. Fume Ultra Fresh Lychee...

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Fume Extra Disposable Vapes - Rich, Refreshing, and Delicious!

“I’m a passionate vaper and always in a quest for the perfect vape. If you didn’t know, disposable e-cigarettes have been very popular worldwide in vaping industry, making it easy to transition from smoking tobacco products. Even though they have been around for over a decade, it’s only recently that technology has really pushed their performance to another level. And I love that! Because it makes it so easy and practical to use, once you find your perfect vaping device. Would you like to know what my favorite one is? Fume Extra! It comes in more than 25 different flavors, and each one has a 6ml of vape juice. Combined with a 850mAh battery, the Fume Extra can deliver more...

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Florida Best Disposable Vape Brands

If you're not from Florida, you might not know how huge the vape scene is. Disposable vapes have especially been on the rise with multiple national and international brands introduced to the market. List of brands is long and its growing steadily. However, we have narrowed the list to the top 5 brands that you must try when you come visit the Sunshine State.1. HQDPopular local brand which was introduced to the market prior to anyone else in the list. HQD has successfully introduced many devices and flavors. Founded in 2014, the electronic cigarette devices from HQD ranges from 300 to 2500 puffs. To ensure that the vape product quality meets international standards, the company has obtained CE, FCC, ROHS...

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