Disposable Vape Wholesale

HQDTechUSA.com offers some of the best prices on wholesale for disposable vapes such as the Fume Infinity, Fume Extra, Fume Ultra, HQD Cuvie, HQD Cuvie Plus, HQD Cuvie Air, HQD King. Come today and check out all of the flavors available that are sure to captivate your buds! We have Banana Ice in most devices, and the Fumes come in some really good flavors such as Strawberry Banana or even Blue Razz. The Fume Extra has the least amount of e-liquid at 1500 puffs while the Ultra has the medium amount at 2500 puffs, and the Infinity has the most at 3500 puffs. Try them today at HQDTechUSA.com in our wholesale section.