Florida Best Disposable Vape Brands

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If you're not from Florida, you might not know how huge the vape scene is. Disposable vapes have especially been on the rise with multiple national and international brands introduced to the market. List of brands is long and its growing steadily. However, we have narrowed the list to the top 5 brands that you must try when you come visit the Sunshine State.

1. HQD
Popular local brand which was introduced to the market prior to anyone else in the list. HQD has successfully introduced many devices and flavors. Founded in 2014, the electronic cigarette devices from HQD ranges from 300 to 2500 puffs. To ensure that the vape product quality meets international standards, the company has obtained CE, FCC, ROHS and MSDS certificates. HQD has PMTA applications processing.

2. Fume
Fume Vape has captured the scene by surprise in 2020 and continued to innovate untile today. Fume Vape first introduced Fume Extra. Now, in less than a year, Fume Vape has launched Fume Ultra, Fume Zero and Fume Energy. Fume success is a reflection of their intent focus on customer's experience. The grassroot support for the brand comes from the loyality they gained back from the consumer. This is a vape brand that will become an international sensation if they continue to produce the highest caliber of disposable vape products.

3. Puff
Popular disposable vape brand that has gained national attention. Puff bar was their flagship product that continues to do well nationally. However, their other devices, especially ones with higher puff count, have not won favor with Florida. As such, the brand still makes it to the top five disposable vape brands but has since lost the lead.

4. Juucy
Juucy disposable vapes are very relieble vape devices but they really relied on well-thoughtout flavor profile than just putting out a blunt variety of flavors. Juucy X model has a unique airflow that is smooth, consistent and not overwhelming. Each device will stay long enough in your hand that you forget it will run out.

5. Kang Vape
Kang Vape disposables come from an experienced company that produced all sorts of vaping products mainly mods in the past. Kang disposables range from 1000 to 2500 puffs and have unique new flavors. It has a devoted fan base that keeps it in demand

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