Introducing the HQD Cuvie Air!

Introducing the HQD Cuvie Air!

, by Daniel Taveras, 2 min reading time

The Cuvie Air is a disposable vape device made by HQD that has a number of features that make it stand out from other devices in the market. The size of the Cuvie Air is 33 x 23 x 116mm and its battery capacity is 650mAh which can be recharged with an included USB cable. It has a power range of 7~12W and can give off 4000+ puffs, making it one of the most powerful disposables on the market. Additionally, it has a weight of 67g, an input voltage of 3.7V, and an e-liquid capacity of 12ml with a concentration level of 50mg/ml and a resistance value of 1.4Ω.

     One thing that makes the Cuvie Air stand out from other devices is its variety of available flavors. There are 21 different flavors available for users to choose from when using this device, which makes it perfect for those who like to switch up their vaping experience every now and then. Some of these flavors include fruit punch, peach mango, grapefruit soda, cool mint, strawberry banana cream, and many more! Additionally, there are also five nicotine salt options available for those who prefer nicotine salts over freebase nicotine juices.

     The design and build quality of the Cuvie Air is also quite impressive considering its price point. The body itself is made from extremely sturdy aluminum with a glossy finish that feels good in your hands while you're vaping. It has a stylish design with curved edges that look great when displayed among other vapes in your collection or just sitting on your desk at home or office. Additionally, the Cuvie Air includes several safety features such as over-charge protection and short-circuit protection to ensure that your device will last as long as possible without running into any issues while being used.

     In terms of performance, the Cuvie Air definitely lives up to expectations given its features and specs mentioned above. The flavor produced by this device is quite intense due to its high wattage output which helps bring out all the nuances in each flavor profile even more so than other devices in its class. Additionally, users can expect smooth draws without much throat hit even at higher wattages due to its low resistance coils allowing more air flow through the device as well as providing larger vapor production overall compared to other disposables on the market today!

     Overall, HQD's Cuvie Air disposable vape proves to be an excellent choice for anyone looking for great flavor with plenty of options for customization including adjustable wattage settings and various flavors available for selection when choosing their next vaping experience! With its large battery capacity combined with powerful wattage output capabilities this device can provide users with thousands upon thousands of puffs before needing to be replaced ensuring you get plenty out of your money's worth!

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